why yahoo account is deactivated?

A browser’s account plays a vital role in exposing different concepts when someone uses it for searching purposes. Sometimes these browsers may face technical issues that destroy and sometimes deactivate accounts.

In this article, we will learn about a search engine named yahoo browser and find out why the yahoo account is deactivated? This piece of information explains the reasons for the yahoo account deactivating. So, roll up your sleeves and stick with me till the end.

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What is a yahoo account?

Yahoo is a search engine on an internet server that help people in solving their problem and provide them with information. It is a directory of World Wide Web pages and sites organized in a hierarchy of different types and categories.

A Yahoo account is a type of account where a user makes an identity on the yahoo search engine. The Yahoo account can be made using the user’s email or phone number. Then users can access every website on the yahoo search engine and the yahoo mailbox.

Why is your yahoo account deactivated?

Yahoo account is deactivated when you violate yahoo terms of service when you keep yahoo inactive for six months and sometimes for 12 months. Your yahoo mail systematically deactivates inactive accounts. Yahoo email also deactivates when you accidentally delete your account, and your yahoo account is deactivated after 90 days.

Like other browsers, Yahoo allows you to sign up through email. If your account is deactivated, It shows you a message on display “your account has been disabled.” You would not have permission to access your mailbox and account.

Let’s discuss some reasons for disabling the yahoo account and their solution in detail. After studying this, you will know why your yahoo account was disabled?

1 . Inactive yahoo accounts

Suppose you go more than six months or a year without logging into your yahoo mail account. Yahoo search engine starts deleting your data, emails, and even your account to make the server usable for other regular active users.

In most cases, inactive yahoo accounts make the server lazy and slow for other users. And keeping an eye on your absentness, the yahoo browser disables your account at the end.

For this, you must stay connected with the yahoo server and use their service regularly.

2 . Upgrade to the yahoo new version

Your account is disabled when you use the old Yahoo account version. There are two versions called essential and full-featured versions.

Sometimes account is unable to work on the basic version then you have to upgrade it to yahoo plus or a full-featured new version.

3 . when yahoo mail is used for spamming purposes

When you are using your yahoo spoofing email for destructive purposes and sending emails to people with a fake identity, yahoo can delete you from their server. And you will not be accessing your yahoo mail account anymore.

Note: Spoofing email means sending messages with a forged email sender. Spoofing is a type of cyber attack that hackers use. Hackers send you mail manipulating it has come from a trusted source.

4 . Violating yahoo terms of service

By violating yahoo’s terms of services, the yahoo search engine captures your activities and considers you a dangerous user.

When someone violates yahoo’s terms of service ( that is pasted on the official yahoo website ) by sending spam emails, stealing the private information of users, and trying to access the private data of the server, yahoo automatically disables the account and then the user unable to access yahoo mail and yahoo account.

5 . Hacked Yahoo accounts

Hackers used to attack your privacy in numerous ways. In terms of yahoo mail accounts, hackers send spoofing emails and sometimes phishing emails to make you fool and steal your personal information like important information, messages, and account passwords. Then hackers change your yahoo mail entering passwords, and you lose your account.

6 . When you delete your yahoo mail account

Sometimes when a user involuntarily deletes a yahoo account, the yahoo account is deactivated. The user can’t sign in again to the personal account and also lose access to yahoo mail. If you don’t want to access your yahoo mail account, you must do it quickly.

You will have 30 days to recover your yahoo account. You need to access your account with the same email and password. If the password is not acceptable, you can click on the link “Forgot password” to activate an account with another password.

Pro-tip to reactivate your yahoo account

Most of the time, a yahoo mail user has 30 days to recover the account. Users can easily reactivate the yahoo account on the home page. In this method, I will guide you with a step-by-step process of how you can reactivate your yahoo mail account.

Sign in to yahoo with deleted email password. Then click next to choose a recovery method and follow the suggested instructions.

Open the yahoo sign-in page on the yahoo browser. And click on the sign-in option.

Log in to your account, write your email account and select next.

  • If your account is recoverable, then recover your account with a recoverable method using the email or text option and verify your recovery information.
  • In the next step, enter the verification you received in email or text and Click on continue.
  • Yahoo will allow you to create a new password if the verification code is correct. Select the continue to change password.
  • Then click on continue again.
  • In most cases, yahoo shows you the account recovery setting. If you access it select the edit option. Enter the email or phone number and continue. Otherwise, your account is ready
  • And here you go, your new yahoo mail account is ready.

This method will only apply when you enter your Yahoo account before completing 30 days.

Final Thoughts

Yahoo mail is not activated when you violate their privacy policy or stay offline for a long time. Above are the reasons for disabling your yahoo account that can cause account deactivation.

In this write-up, who has covered why the yahoo account is deactivated? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. And tell me whether this article was helpful for you or not and why.

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