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In this article, we will discuss the problem of debugging and also discuss the reasons behind this. We will come to know after reading the complete article, what is debugging and USB debugging. And what are the reasons that debugging is not working?

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What is Debugging?

Debugging is the process of identifying and correcting errors in software and hardware. In simple words, to include the input codes we configure the errors that prevent the software from crashing. debugging is used to solve system errors (also called bugs or defects) to prevent the wrong operation of software or system.

In debugging, an error is noticed in the application or software and the developer tries the main cause of the error to fix it. There are two types used for defect detection called reactive debugging and preemptive debugging.

Debugging is the multistep process of computer engineering and programming. Debugging consists of several steps. In the final step of debugging developers test the program that whether it is working or not. Debugging is famous for finding and solving code errors in the program.

What is USB debugging?

USB debugging is the developer’s mode of android devices, that communicates with android SDK (software developers kit) through a computer, over a USB connection.

USB debugging allows you to check each line of code, identifying and evaluating the app’s variables, methods, and how correctly your code is working.

It’s easy to find tinny mistakes in a large piece of code using the debugging process. USB debugging is part of the developer’s options menu in the about “portion” of the phone setting.

It is often used by AI specialists, app developers, and IT support people to connect and transfer data from an android device to a developer’s computer.

USB debugging allows newly programmed apps of android phones, to be copied via USB to the device for testing and finding coding mistakes in applications. It helps the app developer used to make sure that their apps are working correctly and identify the problem when errors arise.

In some cases, USB debugging doesn’t work for developers. So, let’s talk about the reasons behind them in the below lines.

Why USB debugging is not working?

USB debugging is not working due to a disabled debugging option in the device, non-updated PC drivers, cable problems, and sometimes not selecting “USB debugging” options in the device dropdown menu. Sometimes USB debugging closes automatically due to malware infection, corrupt data files, and network connection.

Reason 1. Due to the Disabled debugging option

USB debugging is not working in android due to the disabled “USB debugging” option. You can enable USB debugging when your phone is connected to the system through a data cable. The cable connection allows the developer apps to be debugged on the computer by the app developer.

The disabled USB option did not allow the developer to detect any problems and code errors in developer apps and on android devices. If the debugging is not working in your system, then you need to enable debugging option.

Reason 2. Cable Problem

Sometimes the USB cable is not working, so you have to connect it to a device for checking errors and debugging the android software. Because some chargers are only used for charging only, they have to option to transfer data or detect any errors while debugging the device.

Sometimes the cable is enabled only for charging, then you need to make it for file transferring or another option that you want to use for debugging.

Reason 3. Non-updated PC drivers

USB debugging stops working due to corrupted or non-updated drivers. This corruption happens due to the malware on a computer system. If you used to download the f from disreputable sites, you are putting your device (computer) at risk. These files could be infected by viruses that may cause your drivers corrupt, and affect some of the components of the computer.

Sometimes your system shows you the notification about drivers when you want to debug or install files from one device to another.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the factors that stop USB debugging from working when the debugger (error finder person) or app developer connects the android with the system.

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