Why Task Manager closes automatically

Most of the time you may have seen that when you try to open the task tray, most of the options disappear. Would you face this problem? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

In this write-up, we will come to know why what is a task manager, why a Task manager closes automatically, and many more. So, without further delay let’s get straigh into it.

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What is a task manager?

The task manager is the Computer operating system component that allows you to view each task of the computer. Task manager offers limited system controls to the user over those programs that the manager shows you running on your windows system.

Task manager is commonly used for those programs that are no longer responding or shows incorrectness. Task managers find out the background running applications that slow down your computer performance.

It allows you to check and organize each task (process) running in your operating system. Task manager is used to organize the statistics of system background processes, memory usage, CPU function, and Internet performance.

You can open the task manager in windows with the Esc+Shift+Ctrl buttons. look at the task manager interphase below.

Why Task Manager Closes automatically?

The task manager closes automatically because there are misconfigured files that cause third-party intervention, virus and malware attacks, missing registry files, and sometimes damaged registry files in the system causing the task manager immediately close. Let’s discuss why the Task manager closes automatically.

Reason (1/6). Third-party Intervention

Installing an application or service in a system create interference and conflicts by mistake with other application. This may cause the closing of the task manager automatically after opening it.

The task manager closes due to third-party intervention in the system and sometimes files missing in the application.

Reason (2/6). Misconfigured security files

When the configuration setting did not comply with the industry setting that is hard to maintain security and reduce business risks.

The misconfigured security files occur when the system administrator or database does not properly the security configure the security standards of an application or software.

In this situation website, server, or desktop leads to create dangerous situations and make ways for hackers to attack your system.

So due to these misconfigured security files, your task manager closes automatically to ensure that system has detected some dangerous and misconfigured files.

Reason (3/6). Virus and Malware attacks

Attacks of viruses and malware can cause the closing of the task manager. The virus enters your system when you install a program or any outside files within a computer that prevent you from using task manager.

The task manager fails to launch and you will see a notification the “Task manager has been disabled by your administrator” error notification.

Some kind of malware hides their selves from the task manager, as a result, it doesn’t appear in the task manager. If you are curious to find the virus that causes it, close your task manager.

Then you need to right-click on task manager and select the “search online” option to check the virus and malware cause attacking your system.

Reason (4/6). Hardware removal from the system

By removing hardware from the system tray some windows processes in the task manager can crash or freeze your system if terminated. The system processes section holds all those critical processes that are dangerous for your computer.

Task manager after some time automatically, to make your system secure task manager prevents and secures you. Hardware removal from the system may lead to closing the task manager automatically.

Reason (5/6). Incomplete deletion of Application

The task manager closes automatically when it detects some uncompleted files from the system. This happens when you delete an application and suddenly cancel it. Some files from the application delete while others remain in the same place.

So, when you try to open task manager it captures the incomplete files and suddenly closes after a couple of minutes. Here you need to reinstall the required application or restore that files. And then you will not see the notification (Window Task Manager has stopped working).

Reason (6/6). Missing Registry Files

Task Manager also closes due to the missing registry files in your operating system. In this situation, the task manager shows a notification (Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator).

Registry files are those files that contain important information configuration for installed apps on the PC, and hardware installed on all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Wrapping up

So, Why the task manager closes automatically?

Task Manager closes due to incomplete deletion of files from the operating system, hardware removal from the system, Virus and malware attacks, and Third-party intervention, and sometimes misconfigured security files cause an error in the task manager, and then task manager closes within minutes.

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