Why ibomma is not banned

Some illegal websites produce imbalance, disturbance, and violate copyright laws. There can be illegal sites that stream shows and live sports games and even pirated content. One of them is ibomma which provides illegal content (Web series, movies, shows).

Do you know the reason behind not banning on iBomma?

Here will cover all the questions, problems, and solutions related to the iBomma website. If you are curious about that being an illegal website, why is the iBomma website not banned? Then you have landed in the correct place.

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First, we need to understand what is ibomma used for and how it works. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive right in.

What is the iBomma website?

Ibomma is an illegal Telugu-language movie website. That allows users and visitors to watch and download the latest cinema movies. The website (ibomma) provides pirated movies. This way is illicit and even banned in India.

ibomma is a public torrent source in India for downloading and watching rare pictures, movies, and web series. People like the ibomma website for its excellent quality of content resolution.

ibomma is considering a free source of paid entertainment movies. And most people use this website to accomplish produced movies free of cost.

This way of acquiring content is dangerous for users and website owners. Did you hear about the owner of the iBomma website? Let me tell you in the below lines.

Owner of iBomma website

The owner of the iBomma website is Suresh Reddy Bomma from India. He is the CEO and founder of Bomma Media Labs Pvt Ltd. iBomma is a private unlisted company that was incorporated on the 5th of July 2008. 

Is ibomma a legal website?

No, iBomma is not a legal website because this website does not have an SSL certificate. On the other hand, its content is based on pirated pieces of stuff that are illicit and even banned in some regions. and sometimes ibomma doesn’t work.

Being a user of the iBomma website can put your privacy and information in danger, and may share it with third-party apps, software, and even with hackers.

Instead of using ibomma, if you take a Netflix subscription, it would be a stunning choice for you. On the Netflix website, you can watch rare pictures and movies that are available with high-resolution and safe content

All the time this question arises being an illegal website why iBomma is not banned? So, here is your answer.

Why iBomma is not banned?

“IBomma is not banned because, It is not illegal everywhere but in some areas, ibomma is legal (outside India). Secondly, iBomma helps in building the government economy, Thirdly, the website owner will buy another hosting and domain for a website, that’s why ibomma is not banned.”

All websites on the server are not “legal” and “illegal” by themselves. The content and their behavior can cause the violation of national and international laws.

On the other side, banning such illegal websites is not the solution. Because countless websites offer hosting and streaming facilities, these web owners purchase another hosting and domain and will start the same thing again.

Let me tell you some of the reasons why being an illegal website ibomma is not banned.

It is necessary to ban all illegal websites like ibomma, but why are the illicit websites still unbanned? Let me tell you the primary reasons.

Reason (1/4). ibomma website is not illegal everywhere

ibomma website is not illegal in every area. The legality and illegality of a website or app vary from place to place. If the website is unlawful in one region, in another part, it will be considered legal.

Reason (2/4. Universal internet is available on each website

Internet is open-source to access things worldwide. And is also available for legal and illegal both websites. Because the internet generates some revenue from website visitors when they use ibomma. Nobody can own the internet, and no one can control it.

Reason (3/4). ibomma visitors will convert to other websites

There are more than 100k visitors. If ibomma is banned, other several illegal websites gain ibomma visitors. These other similar websites will see an increase in traffic on their platforms.

So, the industry’s nature cannot be changed. It creates an imbalance among other similar sites that is not the accurate way.

Reason (4/4). ibomma website helps govt economy.

As we know, the ibomma app is in India, and More than $537 billion in India collects from online fields. Every website owner runs their website to make a living online. This website makes a part of the government economy.


Banning illegal websites is necessary to protect users’ critical data because websites give your data to hackers and cybercriminals to commit crimes.

You can protect yourself from such dangerous and illegal websites. It is up to you whether you share your personal information or not.

Studying the above reasons now, you are almost sure why ibomma and other illegal websites are not banned. Share your thoughts about this helpful article. I would like to hear your valuable thoughts.

Or maybe I didn’t mention one of your favorite Reason for not banning of ibomma website.

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