Why does Quora delete Answers (Reasons Involved)

Are you using Quora for a long time and have noticed Quora is deleting your answers? Or you took an hour writing an answer on Quora, you found it removed at the end?

Let’s discuss why Quora deletes users’ answers.

There are many reasons why your Quora answers are deleted. In this resource, we are going to address some cases with brief descriptions for each case.

You will also learn how to avoid being flagged on Quora. It will help you keep your Quora account stable for a long Time.

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Introduction to Quora

Quora is a popular website for information sharing in the form of Questions and Answers. That’s how its name came into being.

On Quora, any user with a valid and active account, can ask questions and write answers to the questions. By writing good answers, you can expand your reach in front of a relevant audience.

For writers, Quora also has a monetization program That helps writers earn from their answers. Quora also supports relevant groups of relevant people, known as Quora Spaces, as the best places to share knowledge of a specific topic on Quora.

Why does Quora delete Answers?

There are many reasons why Quora deletes an Answer. Here, we are going to explore some of them with brief descriptions for each case.

Needs Improvements

If your answer is too brief or needs improvements, such as format, proper writing, or similar factors – Quora may delete your answer.

In this case, you may also have the opportunity to make changes or find your answer completely removed from the Quora platform.

Ignoring the Quora Warnings

If you repeatedly ignore a Quora warning, such as the one discussed above, Quora Moderators will take it seriously and will delete your answers from the Quora platforms.

In this case, you should think about their resources, like Google loves originality, and other platforms like Quora does as well.

External Links

If your answers include external links, irrelevant and misleading, Quora will delete your answers. In this case, Quora has already stated what they like or dislike.

According to Quora, your answers on Quora should educate people. If you want to include outgoing links inside your answers, you should ensure That the links are relevant and helpful to readers. Conversely, if you write answers for external traffic only, Quora will be deleting your answers, no doubt in this case.

Copied Content

If you have copied and pasted content from another source when writing a Quora answer, your answer will most likely be deleted by Quora Moderators.

In this case, even if you have quoted Text from one of your previous Quora answers, Moderators will flag it under Spam and may likely be deleting your answers in this case. That being said, your answers should be unique and relevant to the Quora audience.

An excessive amount of Down votes

For example, even if you have written a good answer on Quora, if people downvote your answers, regardless of values, Quora will be deleting your answers in this case.

Even if you have done a great job, Quora may fail to explain what happened and why did they delete your answers. In simple words, Quora’s platform flavors users’ votes so much, as compared to writers who believe their answers provided value.

Commercial Links

In my opinion, as long as you are providing value, you can insert relevant outgoing links in Quora answers.

However, if you repeatedly insert affiliate links or commercial links in Quora answers, Quora will flag your answers for deletion. Affiliate Links refer to links that load a commercial page of a product, if users purchase through such links, they get a commission.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why Quora may delete an answer. However, Quora is not able to explain every answer to why it was removed.

In this case, you can also look into your account Log for possible entries. When you get a notification of deletion, click on it and you can also file an appeal for quick steps to recover your answer.

For more information, always focus on understanding how Quora suggests writing valuable answers on its platform. On the other hand, any violation of rules may flag your content for deletion by Quora Moderators.

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