Why does Google block my Searches

Ever wondered, why Google blocks your Searches? Let me tell you.

You have landed in the right place. In this article, we will learn – why Google blocks users’ Searches.

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What is meant by a Search on Google?

A search refers to anything you search on Google. It is also called a Search Query or Query.

A Search represents a single occurrence of a search on Google by a user. In simple words, when a user enters a search query on Google, it is counted or called a single Search or Search Query.

Hence, there are two kinds of searches on Google.

You can land on Google’s Home page and search for something like Food Recipes. There is also another way to do so.

If you are using a script That fetches data from Google, this automation also refers to a search if used in the same direction as searching on Google – manually.

Here, the point is searching on Google is known as a Search or a Search Query on Google.

Why does Google block my Searches?

Here, you can find a variety of reasons why Google blocks users’ searches.

Google blocks users’ searches if it finds the Traffic coming from a user’s computer suspicious. However, there are many cases why Google thinks That a stream of traffic from a user’s PC can be flagged as suspicious.

For example, if you are repeatedly searching for Google queries on Google, it may flag your traffic as suspicious in the eyes of Google.

In simple words, if you are entering and searching for different queries at a fast speed, say 10 queries per 30 seconds.

Another reason is the suspicious client’s address. Here, please note That a client means a user’s computer system in this case.

Here, once you enter a search query on Google. Your web browser sends a request to the Google system, telling Google to retrieve some kind of requested information from Google’s Index.

In this case, if you are using a duplicate, fake, or changed IP address, Google may block your searches as Google is finding it hard to track your location. For example, if you are in the USA, using a Germany-based IP address could flag you suspicious in the eyes of Google.

Note: In this case, you may have changed your IP address for a variety of reasons, such as getting results for a remote local area. This can be done with IP changing Tools like Express VPN.

Now, you also need to understand what is an IP address in this case.

Once you are connected to the Internet, a numbered address like is assigned to your computer system. It represents your system’s address on the Internet and is called an IP address, or Internet Protocol in simple words.

Another reason … If you are using the Internet from an already flagged region or IP address range, you may be flagged for suspicious activity on the Internet, and this could result in being banned from Google Searches.

For example, in this case, you may be using the Internet from a network of local computers that is already flagged for suspicious activity. In this case, you can make Google block your Searches.

Another reason … If you are using a computer That has a suspicious browsing activity or history in the eyes of Google. In this case, Google can block you from doing query searches on Google.

In this case, if for example, you are using a friend’s computer to search for Things on Google. Hence, Google has already flagged your friend’s computer for illegal activity, you will find That you have also been blocked from Google Search.

Wrapping up

Google blocks users’ searches for a variety of suspicious reasons. In this case, Google flags traffic from fake, suspicious, or duplicated systems.

Your search pattern also does matter when it comes to Google blocking your Searches. For example, if you are entering random queries very fast than normal humans, it could flag you for the Search Blocking pattern of Google.

However, even if you are entering random but real queries in Google, keep in mind That a natural Human flow of activity always helps you avoid blocking from a Google Block.

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