Why do some websites end in .io

Have you ever heard why some websites end in a .io domain extension? The domain name registrar provides more than 1500 domain extensions. They also offer the service of IP address registration.

.io domain has its territories. It is commonly used in the Indian British Ocean Territory (IBOT). .io environment stands for input/output. This is considering the most secure and quick domain extension.

If you are crazy to know why some websites end in .io? Then you have come to the right place. Here we will provide crystal clear reasons for the topic for which you are here. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the main issue.

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Let’s uncover the topic in more detail. And understand the subject matter easily.

What is .io Extension?

.io is a domain extension used by SaaS and tech companies and startups. .io domain has become the most famous among tech companies. And become a brand by creating a specific place and identity.

A domain name is a simple text typed by the user on the server. And then, the server takes them to drop the user on a specific site. Different websites have different domain extensions. They all have their level of function and identity.

The .io domain is mainly used for tech companies and startups. And the reason behind this is that the .io domain is the abbreviation of input/output.

This means the .io domain is a country domain. Most people don’t connect it with their host territory. And also, it is pretty much easy to remember.

What is a .io extension on a website?

.io extension is mainly related to tech companies. This is a short extension and easy to remember. That’s why tech companies and new startups are using it. One of the primary reasons is that the .io domain is not a ccTLD domain that indicates a specific country.

The .io field appears on the server side as (gTLD), a generic top-level domain showing no country-specific domain, so it is mainly used in search results worldwide.

Why do some websites end in .io?

Some websites end in .io because it is used for tech companies and website tools, startups, and tech businesses have a unique identity with the .io domain. And because of the conciseness of the two characters, most websites use it. The IO domain makes the business effective for external communication and helps people to memorize the brand/industry easily.


In the below lines, we will see the importance of the .io domain and why should you choose it for your website. Let me tell you why they are ending in .io.

Reason (1/7). Availability and Uniqueness

.IO creates shorten URLs that are more friendly and memorable.IO Top Level Domain (TLD) is more easily available than other options if you want to buy a brand domain for your existing online brand business.

As compared to other websites, like .com, .net, and .org, the.IO domain address accounts for only 0.6% of all domains (1500+) worldwide.

Following are The usage of top-level domains (TLD) for websites of historical trends. The result shows the historical trends of top-level domains from August 2021 to 2022. This table indicates the Great availability and uniqueness.IO domain as compared to other domains.

Now compare the.IO domain with the above table.

Reason (2/7).IO is used for web tools.

It means .io is used for website tools. We put input, and as a result, it gives us outputs—for example, keyword.io. In keyword.io, we provide the root keyword, and as a result, it shows us different keywords related to that specific keyword. So .io domain extension is also known for web tools.

Reason (3/7). SEO-Friendly domain

.IO top-level domains (TLDs) have become very popular in startups and tech. It is treated as a new generic TLD for more global searches.

The server considers .io as SEO-friendly for tech, start-ups, gaming, and tech business services firms. The main reason is that in computer technology .io is mostly used for Input/Output abbreviation.

Reason 4/7).IO domain is Recognizable

This domain is the newest domain extension, so it is not a surprising fact that it is one of the innovative and trending extensions used by tech companies and communities. Startups and tech companies have a specific identity due to the .io domain extension.

Reason (5/7). The server considers.IO as a generic top-level domain

.io domain extension is the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). Still, the server considers it a generic Top-Level Domain. Generic means this domain is in search internationally on the server.

Due to the high results of searching, google considers it a generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD). And that’s why most people use it on their sites. And their sites end in the .io domain extension.

Reason (6/7). Shorter URL of two characters (I and O)

Some of the users consider it as the shorter and two-character domain extension. So it will be easy to memorize it. This is easier than other URLs of a server. And users can quickly type in the server to reach a specific site.

Reason (7/7). The server considers .io a generic Top-Level Domain

.io is ccTLD means country top-level domain extension. But due to the significant traffic of .io site extensions, google and other servers consider it the generic top-level domain. A generic top-level domain is a particular domain that can search on servers internationally.

These were some significant reasons for the .io domain extension. Some people prefer to use .io as compared to other domain extensions. That’s why some websites end in .io. Let’s show examples of .io domain extensions to clarify your concept entirely about .io.

Examples of .io domain extension

  • Greenhouse.io
  • keyword.io
  • material.io
  • spring.io
  • Rub.io
  • canon.io
  • blockbuster.io
  • coke.io

and many more are the best example of .io domain extensions. These companies and websites use the .io domain. And these are some websites that end in .io.

Final thoughts

You may have seen that different websites have different domain extensions using the internet world. One is the .io extension, and websites end in .io.

There are more than 1500 domain extensions. Some of them are very popular because of their stability and active participation in the internet space. Similarly, one of them is the .io domain extension. This domain is used for new startups and tech companies.

.io domain covers a general level from the country code level. And this is a significant achievement for the .io domain. .io field is used internationally to deliver its services. This is the two-character shorter domain as compared to other parts.

And these are some reasons that people start loving it. And using it as their domain extension. And because of the above statement and realities, some websites end in.io.

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