Why do Passwords require Special Characters

When creating an account on Social Media or CV sites, you would most probably notice one Thing, the password should include Special Characters.

Without entering special characters in a Password, the system will most likely refuse your password and would ask you to re-enter the password with special characters.

But, have you thought – why do Passwords require Special Characters at all? In this article, that’s what we are going to address today.

Here is a brief Table of Content for reference purposes.

Table of Content

Let’s start addressing the above topics in more detail.

What are Passwords?

Passwords refer to a special combination of letters, meant to protect sensitive information That falls under an account.

For example, when creating an account on a Bank website or Social Media, you will need to create and set a Password to access your account later.

In simple words, a Password works as a Key for your online accounts. Not only account accounts, but you can also use Passwords for ATMs, Bank profiles, and Insurance data across various organizations.

Introduction to Special Characters

Special Characters are used to strengthen a word or phrase. In this case, you would most likely need special characters for passwords.

Special Characters are not easy to guess or predict, that’s why its name suggests.

You can find and use special characters in a variety of ways, such as programmers also making use of special characters for coding purposes.

Why do Passwords require Special Characters?

Passwords require Special Characters to keep attackers stay away from guessing or cracking your Passwords. In this case, Attackers use Dictionary Attacks to try and guess your commonly used passwords.

Dictionary Attacks are common these days and are using a combination of letters, words, and characters to guess a user’s password.

In this case, Dictionary attacks use a large database of commonly used passwords or use a systematically crafted combination of letters and words to craft and try a common password against an account.


In this case, if a password has Special Characters, it becomes hard for dictionary attacks to crack your password. This is why we use Special Characters in our passwords and that’s why Online Websites also enforce using Special Characters in users’ passwords.

Examples of special characters in the passwords are @, <, >, !, %, *, and &.

Please note, that you can use special characters anywhere in a password. However, regarding the length of a password, it may depend on the website or system you are creating an account on at the moment.

Another reason why passwords need special characters is the use of web-based attackers. In this case, there are also custom scripts That work on the Web. The purpose of such scripts is to send crafted requests for password retrieval if a web application is poorly designed.

In this case, if vulnerable, the web application such as a website will retrieve users’ passwords from the attacker. Now, the point comes in this case.

If there are special characters in a password, the browser will interpret the results in a hard form, often not readable by an attacker unless having another mechanism to retrieve them.

In this case, it becomes quite hard to retrieve the passwords even if the attack goes successful. This is a way to keep sensitive information protected from Browsers’ Requests.

In this case, some web applications and software(s) also create secured passwords for users – automatically. For example, when installing WordPress, a package to create and run content websites refers to a Content Management System as well – users are given automatically created passwords That contain special characters.

Final Thoughts

While it is hard to keep special characters remembered in a password, it provides security when it comes to cracking or guessing passwords.

You will also need to change your passwords once a month. This keeps your accounts protected if a hack reveals the mass passwords of a web application you use normally.

Having That clarified, passwords do require special characters for security reasons. Please note, that it is not a standard but requires by most of the applications.

Having That said, the length and complexity of a password highly depend on the web application’s rules. You can also change a password if you want, however better to create a password with Special Characters.

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