Why do Hackers duplicate Facebook accounts

Are you worried about your Facebook account and friends? In this article, you are most likely to want to know – Why do Hackers duplicate Facebook accounts?

In this case, the Facebook friends or the account gets duplicated by Hackers, or someone intended to do so.

Let’s uncover the reasons why it happens if you found your Facebook account in the said condition.

Why do Hackers duplicate Facebook accounts?

In simple words, Hackers duplicate Facebook accounts for a variety of reasons. Some of them with brief descriptions are listed below.

Reason (1/5). Social Engineering Attacks

Hackers duplicate Facebook accounts for Social Engineering attacks. In this attack, Hackers try to act or look the way their target believes.

For example, if Hackers think That their target believes someone from HBL bank, Hackers would most likely duplicate the Facebook account of HBL employees.

Next, Hackers would contact Target to act like an HBL employee to fetch or disclose sensitive information from the HBL customer.

The entire scenario is known as Social Engineering attacks and includes manipulation of Human behaviors or weaknesses to gain sensitive information, such as Credit Card PINs or passwords.

Reason (2/5). Social Matters

This often happens between Friends and Family. When someone tries to obtain sensitive information, he or she will trick you with a similar image and friend list as your Trusted friend has on Facebook.

This is how social matters are handled by those on Facebook who have their matters with Friends and Families. It also falls under Social Engineering attacks.

Reason (3/5). Cyber Bullying

Hackers duplicate Facebook accounts to harm emotions concerned with a particular person.

For example, Hackers duplicate the Facebook account of a person They want to cyberbully online. In this case, once they have cloned their account(s), Hackers start posting irrelevant, objectionable, and bad materials as acting like Him.

Reason (4/5). Search Dominance

People often search for friends and family members on Facebook. To do so, users usually use the Facebook Search Bar at the top.

Once the results are fetched and shown, you can see multiple Facebook profiles, Groups, or Pages against your search query.

Here, the game starts when it comes to duplicating Facebook accounts.

Hackers duplicate Facebook accounts to dominate Search Results on Facebook. For example, the top 10 Facebook results may belong to a single person who has duplicated the profiles, groups, or pages to dominate the Facebook Search Results.

Hackers do it for fun or to gain cheap influence when it comes to Marketing or fame. In this case, Hackers also tend to get coming benefits, such as flavors, Likes, or Shares people give to duplicated accounts, while they are considering them from legal persons.

Reason (5/5). Social Media Exposure

Hackers often duplicate celebrity’s profiles on Facebook. In this case, you can find hundreds, if not thousands of duplicated profiles on celebrities on Facebook.

This is done for exposure in front of a large audience. For example, the majority of people normally search for a specific celebrity on Facebook, every month, this is where Hackers trick people to like their duplicated accounts.

In the same manner, History shows That Hackers have often defaced or tricked people into certain actions while acting and treating audiences with duplicated Facebook accounts. This routine also applies to other social media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus.

One of the ways you can quickly identify duplicated or fake Facebook accounts is to check its Feed. In this case, you can see whether the person is active, relevant, and natural when it comes to finding whether the profile is duplicated or real.

Also, real Facebook accounts are interlinked in most cases. For example, different accounts on social media will always be interlinked which belong to a single celebrity or real people, such as accounts That belong to Twitter, Google Plus, Emails, or Instagram. If not interlinked, you can question their social media profiles.

Summary lines

Hackers, as well as normal users on social media, duplicate Facebook accounts for a variety of reasons.

This includes gaining cheap exposure, popularity, or in some cases, benefits like directing people to take a certain action by behaving real with a fake and duplicated account.

In most cases, fake or duplicated accounts are easily identifiable. If you look at the Feed, you can see whether the person seems real or fake.

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