Why are Brute Force attacks always successful

Brute Force attacks are used to crack or guess login credentials. In this case, a Tool that helps you run Brute Force attacks on a system is used to try combinations of passwords against a system, such as a website.

Having That clarified, Brute Force attacks perform attacks by a Dictionary, which refers to a set of possible passwords.

In this article today, we are going to explore Brute Force attacks. Also, we will discuss – why are Brute Force attacks always successful.

But before diving deep into the subject matter, let’s discuss what is a Brute Force attack in general.

What are Brute Force attacks?

Brute Force attack is a Type of attack That makes logging into an application guessable. For example, this attack uses a combination of common passwords to log into a system.

Every combination is tested on the target system, if there is a login credential login successfully, you will be able to log into the system with the password combination That worked.

Why is Brute Force attacks always successful?

In common sense, Brute Force attacks are rarely successful. However, if a target system is configured poorly, Brute Force attacks would become highly successful.

Having That clarified, common password combinations are easier to guess for a Brute Force attacking Tool. On the other hand, the Brute Force attacks become unsuccessful if a target system has strong passwords.

An example of a poor and easy-to-guess password is one having simple and common letters, such as I Love You. On the other hand, such passwords are easy to crack during Brute Force attacks.

It means, the success rate of Brute Force attacks highly depends on passwords’ complexity. In today’s modern age, most systems enforce users to create strong passwords while creating an account. That’s because prevention from Brute Force attacks is mandatory.

The success rate of Brute Force attacks also depends on how a target system is configured. For example, websites with no measure of Two Factor Authentication are easier to crack with Brute Force attacks. On the other hand, websites with Two Factor Authentication enabled are a lot harder to affect with Brute Force attacks.

Two Factor Authentication is a security measure that prevents unauthorized access of an attacker to a system. Once implemented successfully, even if a person knows the password, he or she will not be able to log into the target system. Because 2FA measures send a security code to the administrator of a system once a password is entered. If the code is provided, you will be allowed to sign into the system, however, the reverse is not True.

In this case, the attackers may have access to the correct passwords but can’t access the administrator email account to obtain the PIN code sent during the Two Factor Authentication measure. That’s the beauty of 2FA measures when it comes to Brute Force attacks.

In this case, if a system is configured with 2FA measure, Brute Force attacks would rarely become successful. Similarly, you can also implement other measures to make Brute Force attacks useless.

For example, you can set off to set a measure on the server level. In this case, you can configure a server to deny users with repeat logins on a system. Here, you will be able to block a user for malicious activities on a system.

In Content Management Systems like WordPress, this routine is also achievable easily with a Plugin, such as WordFence Security Plugin, helping you implement 2FA measure on your website and set IP/User deny process as well.

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Wrapping up

You can make a Brute Force attack unsuccessful if you have properly implemented security measures for a website or application.

In this case, the ratio of Brute Force attacks success depends on the level of security of a target system. Brute Force attacks are not always successful. In the majority, Brute Force attacks are successful very less commonly because their approval is based on poorly designed systems only.

If you want to know more about how Brute Force attacks work, you can join the conversation in the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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