Why Amazon does not pay dividends?

Amazon is not paying dividends to its shareholders for the last two decades. Do you know, why amazon does not pay dividends to its shareholders? In this write-up, you will see the major reasons and amazon’s dividend policy regarding shareholders.

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What is a dividend?

Dividends are the profit of a company from its assets. Companies reward their shareholders in the form of solid money or assets.

Dividends are the net profit of a company’s expenditure obtained from them during a specific period. And then this earning is distributed among the class of their shareholders.

These dividend payments are determined by the board of directors of the company. They announce the payout of dividends with a constant increase or decrease in the stock price.

What are Amazon’s dividends?

Those people who share their assets and income in Amazon’s program are considered Shareholders. In return, these shareholders receive a specific amount of revenue from amazon in the form of Amazon dividends.

Amazon is the market where people sell and buy products. People can purchase anything easily and virtually with their laptops and smartphones screen. The regular sellers of this platform share their brands with the market.

They collect their stuff in the Amazon warehouse. Amazon is one of the growing businesses in the market industry. Amazon’s total assets are around about 420 billion (USD ).

Amazon is much brilliant e-commerce website. You will receive recommendations based on your past purchases by searching the products. And also a list of people’s thoughts and reviews who already purchased these products.

Amazon brings a tremendous change to the world trade market. Their market is very calm and on an intelligent website for the e-commerce business.

Why Amazon does not Pay Dividends?

Amazon does not pay dividends because they want to reinvest the income in the business market again and stable the Amazon business by expanding the market with new services, ideas, and brands.

Amazon is not stable yet to give dividends to shareholders but they want to invest in new markets to enlarge the trading zone.

The Amazon company adopts No-dividends a policy. Amazon’s service would reinvest dividends the company’s earning forgoing dividends payouts As long as the expansion opportunities are lucrative.

Top 6 Solid Reasons (Fully Explained )

Amazon has the shares of many shareholders in this business. But you know why Amazon does not pay dividends to their shareholders.

Let’s dive in.

Reason (1/6). High dividends amount

Dividends increases as the company service expand so the company stops giving dividends to its shareholders to control the destroying situation of the company.

Amazon is spending more than its earnings and reinvesting in the market for the last two decades to make it stronger and more profitable.

Amazon company is growing its customer base whereas amazon’s growth is negligible as compared to their shareholder.

Note: y increasing the cash rates, the company will be forced to reduce or suspend the dividends.

Reason (2/6). Growth of funding

Small and medium businesses that amazon supports on the online store of amazon.com. Amazon invested more than $30 billion between 2019 and 2020 in tools, insights, amazon services, programs, logistics, and people to boost the growth of the online selling market.

according to amazon.com,

Amazon aims to reinvest income in the growth of the Amazon business market. The main reason to stable business more efficiently.

Amazon creates a large amount of money. And then, they invest the cash back into new products, ideas, and brands. The reason is to make the service more professional.

Reason (3/6). Amazon market stability

Another reason is that only stabilized companies can give dividends. Amazon is not in a position to provide tips to its shareholders. Amazon aims to invest first in the business to make it more profitable. And after this, it will pay its shareholders.

Amazon does not have sufficient earnings to give dividends. Amazon claims that they have never paid or declared dividends on its common stock.

Reason (4/6). business in new markets

Amazon aims to start a business in new markets to enlarge its trading service. So, the company considers not giving dividends to its shareholders. Amazon plans to expand its marketplace in 20 countries to increase its services and net earnings.

Amazon.com says that it will invest $1 billion in developing technologies in logistics, trading safety, and chain online management.

The company also plans to expand its business services in Germany, Spain, and Italy in 2022. The aim to enlarge the business threads over the world amazon does not pay dividends to stockholders and invest it in new markets.

Reason (5/6). restrictions on debt

In such a situation, Amazon wants to pay dividends to shareholders. But is unable because of debt from the bank side. Due to the unpaid loan to banks, Amazon restricts its dividends sharing. And this causes them not to share the dividends with their shareholders.

Reason (6/6). Stockholders’ and Owner’s loss

Amazon stockholders face a very critical situation and half of the top stockholders face a critical situation facing a continuous loss in the market.

That’s why amazon.com claims that they are unable to pay or declared the dividends. Following is the list of top 10 shareholders/stock owners along with their income and loss.


Amazon is a vast service in the world of e-commerce. And that’s why it has a large number of shareholders. But Amazon cannot pay dividends to its partners because Amazon is reinvesting in the company.

Also, we can say that Amazon is not paying dividends to enlarge the business growth. This company is completed with other companies like Google, Twitter, etc.

Amazon does not pay dividends because of more profit. The company aims to make more revenue cash. It benefits both the company’s CEO and its partner shareholders.

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