Where to find Shortcodes in WordPress

WordPress users often use Shortcodes for many purposes. In simple words, Shortcodes help you achieve minor Tasks in WordPress quickly, and very easily.

But, if you are interested in how Shortcodes work in WordPress, and where can you find Shortcodes in WordPress – you have landed on the right spot.

Let’s start exploring the Topics in more detail.

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What are Shortcodes in WordPress?

In WordPress, you can use Shortcodes to quickly insert content snippets inside Pages and Posts.

A Shortcode represents a content block, snippet, or paragraph in a specific manner inside the content. You can shape a shortcode in brackets, within the posts’ content.

Where to find Shortcodes in WordPress?

If you are curious to know, where can you see the Shortcodes in WordPress, keep reading for more information?

It depends on a Theme or Plugin used for Shortcodes, That where does a Plugin places its Shortcodes’ source code. In simple words, you can find Shortcodes in WordPress Pages and Posts.

In this case, you will need to manually search for <> or [] brackets in the WordPress Editor. In Windows, you can press CTRL+F to enter and find the shortcodes being used in the content.

However, if you are using a custom plugin for Shortcodes, you can find the Shortcodes’ respective files in the wp-content/plugins/ folder. In this case, you should see a list of all files used by the plugin.

Here, you can also find a file for shortcodes. To search for Shortcode source files in WordPress directories, you will need to use an FTP client (File Zilla) or log into your Web Hosting cPanel File Manager.

Another way to search for the Shortcodes in WordPress involves looking for the changed codes in the Core WordPress Files. In this case, you don’t need to change WordPress Code Files, you need to look for the information inside the files.

For example, the Functions.php file may have been changed for some reason, if someone has created a custom shortcode on your website. In this case, you can compare the default (Functions.php) file with the one you have on your website. For this reason, you can also use a simple Duplicate finder website online.

The changed code in Functions.php can tell you where the proceeding shortcodes are stored or are being used on your website.

There are also Plugins to find Shortcodes in WordPress installation. For example, you can use Shortcodes Finder for the said purpose. Once installed, you can see how you should proceed to find the Shortcodes used on your website.

Shortcodes Finder helps you find all the Shortcodes used on your WordPress website. It helps you search for Shortcodes in Pages and Posts. You can also search for Shortcodes by Tags or Content Types with this plugin.

Besides improved performance in the said plugin, you can also search for and find unused Shortcodes on your website. If you are curious to know about unused or orphaned shortcodes, the Shortcodes Finder plugin helps you in this case as well.

Moreover, this plugin can also help you Test your Shortcodes before applying them to your website.

Another way to find Shortcodes in WordPress is to code your custom code. In this case, you should be able to write code That can search for and retrieve data from the WordPress Database.

In this case, you should also know, how to treat a WordPress Database. Because the custom script you write should talk to the database and search for changed source codes inside the database.

That’s how you can find where are the Shortcodes stored in a WordPress.

Final Thoughts

Where to find Shortcodes in WordPress?

You may want to find and remove all the Shortcodes in your WordPress website. In this case, you can use a plugin for the said purpose, called the WordPress Shortcodes Finder (discussed above).

If you are a Developer and wanted to know the actual place of WordPress Shortcodes, you can dive deep into the Database. In this case, you can also write and test your custom codes to find Shortcodes used on your WordPress website.

In simple words, if you are a normal user and wanted to find Shortcodes, you should have a look at the list of Plugins on your WordPress website. If removed a plugin used for Shortcodes can also remove all the shortcodes used on your website – if you are striving to remove all the Shortcodes from your website.

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