What type of Software controls the Hardware of a Computer

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What is Hardware?

Hardware refers to the physical components of a Computer system, such as a Keyboard, Mouse, and CPU.

In this case, you can count on everything physical that works with a Computer system, for various purposes, such as Audio, Sound, or Internet communications (Modem, Router).

What is Software?

Unlike computer Hardware, the software is not Physical.

Software(s) refers to computer programs that serve a specific role and purpose, or solve a specific problem. For instance, there are hundreds of Tools to write and send letters, such as Microsoft Word, Email sending, Notepad, etc.

What type of Software controls the Hardware of a Computer?

The Type of Software That controls the Hardware of a Computer is known as System software, such as Windows 7 Operating System developed by Microsoft Corporation.

System software(s) are designed to activate a Computer’s Hardware for the first time. It means you will need to install a System software, such as Windows 7 or Linux once you have bought a new computer.

System software(s) are categorized into various kinds. For example, you can use Windows 10 by Microsoft Corporation or use the Mac Operating System. Similarly, you can also use Open Source Operating Systems like Linux, Ubuntu, and Unix.

Having that clarified, there are two types of computer software(s), that perform several functions in the system.

The first is called System software while the latter is known as Application software.

System software is required to activate and run a Computer’s Hardware system. It also provides an environment to run other applications like Microsoft Excel.

In the same manner, Application programs are used for common purposes but serve a specific role. For example, VLC Media Player for Windows users helps you play media files, such as Audio and Videos.

Also, some Drivers have an impact on how Computer Hardware works. For example, even if you have installed System software, you will need Drivers for a new Hardware you add to your computer system.

For example, let’s suppose you have bought a new Printer, in this case, you will also need to install its Driver even if you have already a running computer with Windows installed.

So, you can also say that Drivers also control how computer Hardware and Devices work together. You can call a Driver the system software of individual Hardware components.

What is Hardware Control?

By Hardware control, we mean activating and running it smoothly inside a computer. For example, we have discussed the Printer example in the above lines.

If you don’t install Drivers for a new Printer, you will not be able to use it properly, even if you have installed an Operating System.

Which Software controls the internal working of the Computer?

It depends.

In a broader sense, you can say That Machine language controls how processing in a computer runs. Also, you can say That different device have their separate software systems.

In a computer, various software components help a computer run smoothly. For example, inside an Operating System, there are Drivers and Tools responsible for various operations, such as Input/Output, Memory Management, or Internet Browsing.

Final Thoughts

Computer Hardware(s) is controlled by System software(s) and Drivers.

System software(s) are Operating Systems That run a computer system, such as Windows 10. While on the other hand, Drivers are used to activating and run individual Hardware components, such as Printers.

Windows as a System software also contain Thousand of Drivers for commonly used Hardware(s). However, if you are unable to run it with plug-and-play, you will need to install specific Drivers for new Hardware(s).

That’s how computer Hardware(s) are controlled and managed. In an Operating System, you can also find thousands of software components That control how various devices work, such as Memory Management. Such software(s) is also known as System Files.

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