What is WinRAR evaluation copy

We use the tools for the decryption and encryption of files in our system to save space and increase functionality. WinRAR also has its special purpose of encryption and compression of files data into tiny files.

Have you ever noticed, why sometimes Using WinRAR shows us the “Buy option?”

WinRAR evolution copy is the related term that appears after ending the trial version of WinRAR.

In this article, we will discuss WinRAR evolution copy and the different aspects that you faced during the trial version of WinRAR.

So Let’s dive right in.

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What is WinRAR?

WinRAR is a Windows tool that opens RAR and ZIP files, and is used for the encryption, compression, and archiving of data files. To compress large files into tiny files, People use WinRAR in most cases.

The simple use of WinRAR makes the user’s experience quite interesting. WinRAR offer free and lifetime licensing with a full-time free upgrade. It is also helpful for archived files.

WinRAR is a trialware file archiver and can unpack several archive file formats. It gives further control to the system administrator related to what data is being accessed and archived. WinRAR automatically stores the current files and the archive is modified.

What is WinRAR evolution copy?

WinRAR evolution copy is the latest software copy of WinRAR that has the important features of a premium WinRAR file for free. The  WinRAR evolution copy is designed for people to try and experience the paid features of WinRAR for free in 40 day trial before buying the full product.

WinRAR is not free software for users, but they have chosen the strategy to let the users access the trial version of WinRAR. WinRAR gives limited time to users so that the buying chance increases when users experience it for 40 days.

Once your limited trial is over WinRAR shows you an online buy button for your purchase.

Image by WinRAR

WinRAR evolution copy has very useful features that you can test in the trial version thoroughly. WinRAR is especially ideal for multimedia files and can recognize the best compression files automatically. WinRAR executes, compresses, and encrypts the files with the “special algorithm” of WinRAR.

You can see the WinRAR evolution copy features from the WinRAR website in the below screenshot.

Image by WinRAR

If we talk about the features of WinRAR evolution copy, the first irritating little window (shown in the below picture) shows the difference between the free and paid versions of WinRAR.

WinRAR gives you two options after their trial version, either buy a WinRAR license or remove the software from your system.

But you know nothing happens after 40 days trial: WinRAR neither blocks you from using the Full futuristic WinRAR program nor does it force you for uninstalling the software.

You can close the little window (shown above) and continue using the software as if you paid for it. So the interesting fact about WinRAR is that it doesn’t make any money from users who refuse the premium version also called evolution copy.

WinRAR is famous for its extreme file compression quality among all Compression and decryption formats like 7 zip, ISO, TAR, UUE, etc. WinRAR has been working for several years for their users freely and perfectly. There are more than 500 million users, who use the world’s most popular compressional tool WinRAR.


WinRAR evolution copy is just the premium copy of the full version. When you instantly open a program or use it for compression it shows you a pop-up to buy the paid version.

It is a type of shareware that persistently reminds the users to register it by paying a fee.

The “WinRAR evolution copy” or “Buy online” notification is just an annoying notification from the WinRAR side for users and nothing else. And its purpose is to remind users that they are in the trial version and that they need to pay for the paid version of WinRAR.

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