Is WordPress Backend or Frontend

Are you concerned about WordPress’s Backend or Frontend? You are most likely wanted to concern if you are striving at becoming a WordPress Developer.

Also, if you are looking to know how to start a WordPress website, you will need to know if WordPress is based on Frontend or Backend.

While for most of the normal purposes, WordPress provides No Code features to create and run websites. However, if you are concerned about Development, you will need to dive deep into the matter.

Is WordPress Backend or Frontend?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It means you can use web applications used to manage some digital data, such as Content, Pages, or Category resources.

As a CMS is a collection of many source files, WordPress both has Frontend and Backend features. To be more specific, WordPress is built with PHP and MySQL and these are called WordPress Backend interfaces. You can also call it WordPress’ Backend technology.

PHP is known as a scripting language for Web Applications whereas MySQL is a Database Management System for Web Applications.

In the same manner, WordPress Frontend is based on programming/coding languages, including CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

In simple words, these languages are responsible to build WordPress’ Frontend interface. That’s why these languages are used to build the Frontend interface of a Web Application.

In other words, WordPress’ Frontend also refers to what users see when they browse a WordPress-based website. In this case, the Frontend technologies used in WordPress are responsible to create a User Interface.

Similarly, WordPress’ Backend also refers to the administrator accessed area of a WordPress website.

In this case, all the interfaces WordPress provides to owners and administrators of a website are created by Backend technologies used in WordPress.

So, in this case, WordPress is both Backend and Frontend. Because its interface and algorithm are purely based on both Technologies – Frontend and Backend.

For a normal WordPress user, it is not necessary to understand how WordPress Backend works. In this case, as WordPress operates with a point-and-click User Interface, normal users can quickly learn how to use WordPress.

Some experts suggest that we shouldn’t take WordPress as a Frontend or Backend. In simple words, it is a Tool that helps you create and manage a WordPress website.

It means normal users have nothing to do with how WordPress works on Frontend or Backend.

So, to be more precise, let’s conclude the whole concept.

As for as languages are concerned, WordPress is built with languages that create the WordPress Frontend, refer to the Front end of WordPress.

In the same manner, WordPress has languages That create and run the WordPress Backend, which refers to the Backend system of a WordPress.

The front end is what users interact with regularly. The Front end users of WordPress or another application, can’t interfere with how things work.

In another sense, the WordPress Backend is the place that is managed by the Website Owners and Administrators. But, if a site’s administrator assigns someone access to the Backend, he or she can perform actions as an administrator as well.

Please note, that referring to the WordPress Frontend or Backend also depends on various scenarios. For example, normal users would call a website’s theme the WordPress Frontend.

On the other hand, if developers think in the same direction, they would refer to the languages being used in building a website’s front-end interface, when they call it the Frontend of a WordPress website.

Wrapping up

There are two aspects of how WordPress’s Front end and Backend work in this case. And, this concept applies to all Web Applications, when it comes to Front end and Back-end concepts.

For normal users, the Front end and Backend of a website may mean different things, or they may take it incorrectly. Whereas Developers may take it differently from normal users.

However, whatever the case is, WordPress as a Content Management System, is built with both Front end and Back-end technologies.

Its Frontend is usable by random users who visit a WordPress website, on the other hand, its Backend is usable by WordPress Administrators and Developers.

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