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Introduction to Windows 7

Windows 7 is a popular Operating System developed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft has developed Windows 7 for personal computers.

It means, in most cases – personal computers are powered by Windows 7. Along with Windows 7, Microsoft has also developed sister operating systems to Windows 7, such as Windows XP, 8, and 10.

What is an Application Software?

There are several types of computer software. Application software is one of them.

Application software is mostly used for general-purpose Tasks, such as Word processing. Application software(s) are developed for specific Tasks. For example, Windows 7 includes a built-in calculator for basic calculations.

Application software(s) are available in different varieties and for different purposes. Some serve end users, others work in communications, and some Application software(s) are used to perform document conversions.

Examples of application software(s) include Internet Browsers, used to view web pages. In the same manner, Microsoft Word is used to create, save, edit, and send letters.

What is System software?

System software is a little bit different from Application software.

System software activates a computer’s Hardware and is used to prepare a platform for Application software. It means the System software is used to make the environment for running Application software.

In simple words, once you have bought a computer system, you will need to install the System software. This will help you initially start your computer and, you will be able to install and run Application software for many purposes.

Difference between Application and System software

Application software(s) are used to perform a general purpose Task for a variety of specific purposes, such as Microsoft Word is used to write, save, edit, and send official letters. On the other hand, System software(s) are used to activate a computer’s Hardware.

In this case, the main difference is the nature of both software(s). One is commonly used for a specific purpose, while the other is one-Time installed and helps other Tools run smoothly in Windows.

Is Windows 7 Application software?

No, Windows 7 is not an Application software.

In common sense, Windows 7 is an Operating System developed by Microsoft Corporation and is used to activate a computer’s Hardware, so Windows 7 is the System software, not Application software.

Note: We have already differentiated the System from the Application software in the above lines.

In more detail, Windows 7 itself supports an environment for Application software. This is what we defined above.

In simple words, as Windows 7 is a system, not an Application software, you can activate a computer’s Hardware with Windows 7 and proceed to install Application software(s) once you have finished setting up Windows 7.

There are other operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation, such as Windows 8. You can also find Open Source Operating Systems online, such as Linux flavors.

Having That clarified, an Operating System will always be called System software because it activates a PC’s Hardware.

You can also turn to another side of the question. If, for example, you are using Windows 7 in a Virtual Box environment, you can somehow call Windows 7 an Application software.

But remember, this doesn’t mean That Windows 7 will turn into Application software universally. In this case, you can “internally” or “personally” call Windows 7 an Application software.

Such environments happen when organizations implement various structures or software systems. For example, if networking is changed in a company, the new infrastructure may need Windows 7 installation on a partial hard drive. That’s when you can call Windows 7 an Application software for reporting purposes.


Windows 7 belongs to a different category of software than Application software.

As we have discussed above, Windows 7 belongs to the category of System software(s). To know more about the Trade, you can jump right away to the specific section of this write-up.

Above, you can also read the difference between an Application and System software. Without knowing the difference and examples, you would not be able to understand the subject properly.

For a quick manner, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe Photoshop are examples of Application software. In the same manner, Linux, Windows 7, and Mac Operating Systems are examples of System applications.

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