Is Web Browser a System software

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What is a Web Browser?

A Web Browser refers to computer software used to access and view Internet pages. Some examples of Web Browsers are Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.

Web Browsers are commonly available for free. You can download and install a Web Browser from its official resource on the Internet. Once downloaded, entering a link of your choice in the Web Browser will access and show your desired page.

Technically, a Web Browser is a type of software That communicates with the Web Server. Hence, web pages and files are stored and made available on a Server, the Internet Web Browser plays a vital role when accessing Internet-hosted resources on the Server.

web Browsers are also used for various purposes, such as Web Developers use Web Browsers to host and see local files, without the Internet. This happens inside a Local Web Server while developers test their developmental routines.

Introduction to a System software

System software is a type of computer program, used to activate a computer’s Hardware components. This means a personal computer can’t boot up with a System software.

Once a system software is installed and set up, you can proceed to install and run other software, used for a variety of purposes, such as Document Generation Tools. Having That clarified, System software also provides an environment for running commonly used software, also called Application software. (more on application software in coming lines)

An example of System software is Microsoft’s Windows 7, used to run a personal computer. Once you have installed Windows 7, you can make your system run other Tools, such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

Difference between System and Application software

System software is used to run on a computer’s Hardware, while on the other hand Application software is used by common users.

System software performs different Tasks, such as Memory management and Drive format. Similarly, Application software(s) are used for a single Task, such as Document Conversion or Word Processing.

Is Web Browser a System software?

A Web Browser is not System software as it is used for a common purpose, displaying Internet pages, and is not used to activate a computer’s Hardware like a System software, such as Windows 10.

System software and Web Browsers have no relation. These are the two different concepts for normal users.

A Web Browser relates to accessing and showing Internet pages to users. On the other hand, the System software is used to start and run a computer system from the scratch.

Having That clarified, Web Browsers belong to the Application category of software, used for common purposes, such as displaying Internet resources. Examples of Application software are Google Chrome as a Web Browser, Microsoft Word, and File Conversion Tools.

In the same manner, examples of System software are Windows 7, Mac OS, and Linux. These software(s) are used to run computer systems, as defined above.

Additionally, the System software is run automatically. It can even manage itself and provides serving facilities to other programs, such as ones that fall under the Application category of software(s).

Please note, that you can’t use Application software without first installing and setting up System software. Hence, as Web Browsers can’t help to run other applications, such Tools fall under Application software, not System software.

Final Thoughts

So, can we count Web Browsers under System software(s)?

As defined above, there is a difference between System software and Web Browsers. System software is used to make things work, like starting, managing, and running a computer system.

On the other hand, Web Browsers are used to perform specific Tasks, such as accessing and showing Internet resources to the user. Hence, this falls under a common function, so the Web Browsers are known as Application software.

Web Browsers work on the Internet, Web – as its name suggests. It means, that accessing and displaying Internet resources is the function Web Browsers do.

Similarly, the System software is known for functioning far away from Web Browsers. System Tools are used to deal with computer Hardware, providing an environment for other Tools to run, as well.

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