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Landing on this you are probably a website beginner and you want to experience the themes of WordPress and Blogger platforms. As an expert, I will help you to tell about the Blogger theme and how it is better (or not) than the WordPress theme.

In this write-up, we will show you all about Blogger themes in comparison with WordPress themes. Before diving deeper into the subject, we need to discuss some additional information that will help you to get a clear concept and understand your subject matter.

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Digging deeper into the subject matter we need to discuss some additional concepts that will help you understand your topic better.

So, What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

What is the Website theme?

The Blogger or WordPress theme is the file folder that works to design the structure of your website. The theme is the interior structure of your site which includes template files, stylesheets of the site, JavaScript files, and sitemaps of website pages.

All these terms are combined to finalize how will be your site look, its posts, and web pages. A theme is a platform on the back end of a website that works as a design foundation for site structure.

In the Blog theme, there are several factors, including typography, header and footer of the page, a website about and contact page, XML sitemaps, and the website page layout and color.

Is the Blogger theme better than the WordPress theme?

As we know, WordPress and blogger are two different platforms for website creation, arrangement, improvement, and interior structure. Both WordPress and Blogger are using different themes and have their value in web development.

Let’s study the topic from both angles with easy ways and concepts.

Blogger theme is better than WordPress (Reasons)

The Blogger theme is better than WordPress just in terms of the below reasons.

  • If you want to create blogs for no other reason but just to write and for practice.
  • If you want to use the limited features then a blogger theme is the suitable option for you.
  • Blogger provides the simplest platform for writers, it prevents you to use Cascading style sheet (CSS) to control blog appearance.
  • Blogger theme is a free weblog service from the google side that allows users to share images, videos, and infographics, especially their ideas on google.
  • There is no backend coding for blogger themes while WordPress uses coding on the backend of pages.
  • You can use the blog themes within the theme option in Blogger.
  • You can simply change the blog background and front image in the theme setting with one tab.

Blogger theme is not better than WordPress (Reasons)

Some reasons show blogger theme is not better than WordPress.

  • Blogger theme does not have too many technical SEO factors as compared to the WordPress theme.
  • Bloggers need optimization to increase website stability.
  • Blogger theme uses H3 for the main heading, although it is risky for blog or website relevancy and improvement.
  • The latest meta tags of google are not included for some default Blogger themes.
  • Social media tags are not included in Blogger for SEO ranking and link building.
  • In some Blogger themes On-page SEO is not included while WordPress has special tags and options to optimize the On-page blog SEO.
  • Sometimes Blogger theme does not support Schema then you can use Schema markup (Generate author information and blog structure).

Is a Blogger theme cheaper than a WordPress theme?

Yes, a blogger theme is cheaper than a WordPress theme;

  1. In terms of Price
  2. In terms of complexity
  3. In terms of features

1. In terms of price

Blogger is a simple service that allows users to write content and publish it whenever they want. Bogger’s platform allows users to share an article for no other reason than they want to write. You can make your account for free.

  • You just need to enter the blogger’s official site.
  • On the lift side, click for a new blog.
  • Click to make your blog name
  • In the next step choose your blogger, and blog URL, and then save it.
  • Now you have made your blog ready for content publishing free of cost.

2. in terms of complexity

Blogger theme is less complex than WordPress. Because, in blogger, we just write the blog post, edit it, and add images. While in WordPress we need to do On-page and Off-page SEO, searcher intent analysis, and competitive analysis. We also need to add backlinks and make the Blog SEO friendly.

3. In terms of features

Blogger is a simple service for blog post creation and publishes it online to a server. And WordPress is a full-featured Content Management System (CMS) for website building and web page management.

WordPress gives a unique look to your site and is used for advanced customization. WordPress requires coding on the backend more than blogger theme and design.

Final thoughts

Which is better for beginner writers, WordPress, or bloggers?

We know, you are a beginner or have less experience and are new to websites and their management system. If you want to do some practice to polish your article writing skills then you need to make an account with the blogger platform. Because blogger has simple interphase for content publishing. And WordPress needs some technical setup.

If you want to start your blog or website with WordPress then you need to register your domain and hosting with any online hosting provider company like or and pay for it.WordPress also takes some time to make the website stable and give you positive feedback.

Usually, Beginner writers tend to use bloggers for blogs or websites, while experts directly jump into WordPress. Because they know how to make content, XML sitemaps, on-page, and off-page SEO, and other website management.

In the end, share your reading experience and tell me whether this article was helpful or not and why? I would love to hear back from you in the comment section.


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