How often does Google News update

You seem concerned about Google News updating frequency. In this article, we are going to explore – How often does Google News update?

You are more concerned about Google News updates if you are aiming at reading fresh News on specific Topics. Also, if you are concerned about fetching news from Google News, you will need to know the Google News updating routines.

So, let’s describe the details of the subject.

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Introduction to Google News

As its name suggests, Google News is a product from Google.

It works as a News provider and aggregator platform for users. Google News is designed to show News on different Topics, including Technology, Health, Business, Finance, and Sports to list a few.

Google News is designed to fetch News Stories from popular platforms out there. In this case, of course, Google News has its criteria regarding checking, assessing, and accepting a source for news.

Google News shows news in different categories, as well as in different countries. Local and International readers can search Google News for fresh, updated, and current affairs stories within seconds.

How often does Google News update?

It depends on several scenarios.

Normally, Google News is updated every hour or every 15 minutes depending on a user’s Settings. However, if you can find the Settings once you are logged in to a Gmail account, you can change the said updating frequency.

However, Google News is continuously changing its platform and the said features may not be available over time. Google News had been launched updating frequency feature back in 2011. in the Settings and also launched an auto-refresh measure for users.

Normally, even if the change is not applicable, Google News updates content every 10, 15, or 20 minutes. This ensures users see fresh news promptly.

Adding, with the passage of time, users who are not logged in to their Google accounts may see the Home page of Google News unchanged until they manually hit the Refresh button. In this case, users may see different stories when the page is refreshed manually.

On the other hand, even if logged in or not, the user may get refreshing automatically if there are some queries searched on Google News. In this case, Google ensures the users see refreshed content regarding what they have searched for on Google News.

If for example, the query you have searched on Google News doesn’t have fresh news, you will see the old News Stories. In this case, the Feed you are having for a specific news query may not refresh at all.

It also depends on different query types. For example, trending queries will always show recent informational News Stories on Google News. On the other hand, stories with informational intent in sense, and not Trending may have a low refresh rate.

However, you shouldn’t consider the above measures as one fit for all situations because Google News is constantly updating its platform.

Also, please note That Google only shows news stories fetched from credible sources. We call them Google News-approved sources.

In this case, if a Blogger or News aggregator website wants to get approved on Google, he or she will need to follow Google’s rules to get acceptance in Google News.

If you are striving to get approval in Google News, please note That Google will count a variety of factors before you are approved.

Here is more information on how to get approved in Google News.

These approval factors may include SEO, Site Structure, Technical setup of your website, and most importantly, help Google quickly understand That your site is a credible source for Trusted News Stories.

Final Thoughts

In 2011, Google launched updating features for its News platform – Google News.

Since the launch, Google has changed the said routines for users. Now, Google needs users to take care of updating routines.

These days, as I am checking Google News, Google News doesn’t update News as it used to do. Even if you are covering news on a trending topic, Google News results may remain static.

In this case, you can manually refresh the Google News page to see fresh stories. Back in the day, Google used to update its search results every 15 minutes.

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