How many Templates can one Theme contain

If you wanted to know, how Themes work on a WordPress website, and how many Templates can one Theme contains, you have come to the right resource.

You wanted to know the subject because you are a Theme Developer. In this case, you would most likely code to increase Templates in a WordPress Theme.

Also, if you are a Beginner and wanted to know about Themes, or wanted to get one for your website, you will learn how Themes play a vital role with pre-designed Templates.

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What are Templates in a WordPress Theme?

A Template in WordPress refers to a part of web pages That is created by a Content Management System, WordPress in this case. For example, a web page can contain multiple sections, such as Header, Body, and Footer.

In this case, the files That are responsible to create a Footer section are called Templates. A WordPress package and its Themes have various Templates files, responsible to design and create different parts of a WordPress-based website.

Please note, that a Template in a WordPress-based web application also refers to a page or post layout. For this reason, Templates also refer to other pages of a WordPress website, such as 404 and category pages.

In this case, as a Theme can shape various pages in different designs, we call them separate Templates.

What is a Theme?

In the Web Development world, a Theme is a collection of Files That form the appearance of a website.

For example, a WordPress Theme contains various files, such as CSS, HTML, PHP, and JavaScript. Collectively, you can experience how these files work together by looking at the site’s overall appearance.

You can conclude, that it depends on a website’s Theme That how things on a page are displayed. A Theme also controls how to change or edit certain aspects of your site’s appearance, such as Backlinks’ color.

How many Templates can one Theme contain?

Now, let’s describe the actual subject matter of this article.

So, how many Templates are possible to exist in a single WordPress Theme?

Well, it depends on the Developer’s aspect of requirements. Typically, a WordPress Theme can contain unlimited Templates according to how a particular Template works.

But, it doesn’t mean That a Template may contain hundreds of Templates. Normally, from a basic Theme to an advanced one, a Theme can contain files ranging from 10 to 50 in number.

Normally, a WordPress Theme has 10-15 Templates for common users. If for example, your Theme specifically supports various Templates for pages, such as Category pages and eCommerce pages, you can say, the Theme has more Templates. Having That clarified, the number of Templates in a Theme highly depends on the purpose of a WordPress Theme.

Also, if you are custom designing your site with a Page Builder like Divi, you can design more Templates for a single purpose. For example, you can design different Templates for blog posts with various readers’ interests, such as SEO, Products, or Finance. In this case, multiple Templates are designed to serve a single blog post template, but with slightly different variations.

Among all the Templates in a WordPress Theme, some are known as default. For example, it is mandatory to have specific Templates throughout the Theme, called the default Templates in most cases, and include Templates for the Header, Footer, and Body.

Unless the default Templates are overwritten, the system will always be picking default Templates for corresponding pages. You can also say That a WordPress Theme must have 5-7 default Templates, including a single instance for common pages, such as Category, Page, Post, 404, Home, Blog, About, and Contact page.

Wrapping up

We addressed the Two aspects of a WordPress Theme, regarding how Templates work in a WordPress Theme.

Templates are source code files That create specific page sections throughout a website, such as a Header. Also, we addressed that Templates are known as individual page layouts used to create and design That particular pages in a WordPress website, such as Category pages.

No matter how Templates work on a specific website, there is no specific limit on the number of Templates in a WordPress Theme. However, though it depends on a Developer’s personal preference, a Theme can have unlimited Templates as long as it makes sense.

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