How long do browser cookies last

Cookies are used for the security of your site and used to authenticate the harmful information that destroys your computer. Some cookies are used to block spam, fraud, and dangerous access to secure your site. Some websites use cookies for advertising and some in protecting your privacy.

In this write-up, we will discuss some cookies and their function’s security level. After reading this article, you will come to know How long do browser cookies last? And also some additional concepts about cookie security.

Let’s dive in.

Table of Contents

  • What are cookies?
  • How long do browser cookies last?

What are cookies?

Cookies are the content files that are created by the website you visit. These are the small pieces of text that are sent to your device from the website you visit in the search browser.

Cookies monitor your activities and keep some necessary information (username, Passwords, accounts) about you.

The cookies files track the site you visit and the things your approach on these pages. Some websites use cookies to remember your password and account, so when you visit the site again they fill in your login page automatically.

Internet cookies are called cookies because it was derived from the term “magic cookies”  that has an insert message.

Cookies help websites keep track of visits and end-user activity. Different activities can track by different types of cookies.

For instance, Tracking cookies are used to keep long-term records of multiple visits to the same website. While Session cookies are used when the end-user is actively present on the website.

How long do Browser cookies last?

Cookies last for 2 months, 6 months, 12 months, and 13 months and some expire in 10 years respectively, depending on the types of cookies in the browser.

Internet and HTTP cookies are specially designed for the web browser to track, save, and personalize the visitor’s activity and session.

Let’s discuss different types of cookies (according to time) for how long they last in a browser.

Let’s explain the topics in more detail. so that it will help you in understanding your subject easily and clearly.

CONSENT cookie

CONSENT Cookies last for 12 months in the browser to store the visitor’s activities and login information related to their cookie. It securely stores the user’s information as legal and important documentation.

Cookie CONSENT happens between the visitor and content management platform that enables users on the website whether they allow cookies to collect login data or not. CONSENT cookie is renewed once a year for security advancements.

SOCs cookie

Security Operation Centers (SOCs) cookies last for 13 months in your browser. SOCs monitor the browser search engine, Hunt the threats, and helps in the backup and recovery of data. SOCs also help in quick response and prevention of spam and helps in auditing (users’ activities, site security, and stability) of the site.

SOCs cookies are also used to store the site status regarding their cookie’s interests. SOCs cookie is used by informational technology experts for monitoring, protecting, and securing information of organizations from cyber attacks.

GA (Google Analytics) cookie

Google Analytics is a social networking service that reports and tracks your website activity and traffic. The “GA” cookie (used by google analytics) lasts for 2 years in your browser. The “GA” cookie provides service to analytics to separate one visitor’s activity from another.

Each GA cookie has its property, and it cannot be used for unrelated websites and users. GA cookie capture users’ activity on your site, monitors their time and visiting pages and reports the website’s whole traffic data to the website owner.

CGIC cookie

CGIC cookies last the browser for 6 months. CGIC cookies are used for google autocomplete queries in search results which are based on the user’s initial input.

CGIC cookie increased the performance and response of google services in delivering results for end-users. When a user inputs something in the search box of the browser CGIC cookie help in auto-completing the required queries on the bases of predictions.

PREF cookie

PREF cookies are used on YouTube that expires after 8 months from a user’s last visit. PREF cookies are used to store users’ information, preferred page configuration, and playback preference like autoplay of video, content shuffle, video quality repeat mode, and sound volume.

PREF cookies give a classic and structured layout to YouTube and remember basic preferences such as how to display YouTube content, language choice, and format of content.

Final Thoughts

Cookies are the tiny files created on your computer that capture the website’s different activities that loaded are on your system browser.

Cookies and other AI technologies are used for security purposes to authenticate users’ sessions, prevent fraud and hacker scams, and have trustable interactions with the service.

Website cookies are designed by a web designer in coding at the back end of the website structure. This configuration of the website helps in browser cookies and site protection. Tell me in the comments below whether this article was helpful for you or not and why.

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