How does apache software foundation makes money

You are almost using certainly apache multiple products as you visited on this post. Apache software foundation (ASF) is one of the free service and open source providers. It helps organizations, online businesses, web owners, and hosting providers using TCP and IP protocol.

In this write-up, we will discuss the Apache foundation’s money-making process. What is apache software, and how does the ASF sponsorship program works to collect money from different sources? So, roll up your sleeves and stay with me till the end.

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What is Apache software?

Apache software is a web server accepting directory (HTTP) requests from internet users. And provide them with the required information in web pages and files.

Apache software is a famous open-source website server that runs on 67% of all websites on the whole internet. Web developers, website owners, and hosting providers use the Apache software system. It allows users to deploy and maintain their websites. The sweet sound of this software is it provides free service and is accessible to everyone.

Apache software foundation (ASF) is an open-source relational database that links users with an internet engine. Apache software is available for every user to download and use it.

How does the Apache software foundation make money?

Apache software foundation (ASF) makes money from corporate sponsors and individuals. Individuals and Sponsors substantially corporates with the current growing projects of ASF to support the foundation and improve the service.

It does not make money from its service because it is free of cost for web owners, hosting providers, and other online businesses.

Apache software foundation (ASF) 501(C)3 (which is the internal revenue code) is a non-profit membership corporation program with a mission of providing a free software for the public good.

In return, the Apache software foundation officially accepts donations with different methods. Apache software foundation (ASF) displays the donor’s business logo and website link on the top of the thanks page of the official Apache foundation platform to appreciate their donation and give special thanks.

All the individuals and businesses funded by the apache foundation can quickly review the latest financial filings and non-profit exemptions in the Apache software foundation public record section.

Sponsorships of different corporate sponsors and individuals help the Apache software foundation expand the service capability to maintain leadership in the open source and developers communities and meet their expenses of giving service to different sectors of internet servers.

The primary source of income for the Apache software foundation is the formal sponsorship program of ASF. Where the organization can donate Apache on a regular base.

Apache also has individual donors, and some authors donate from their books income related to apache software.

According to the Apache software foundation, all-volunteer of more than 365 open source leading projects, including apache, is the world’s most popular service.

All the members are volunteers, and nobody is paid directly by the foundation to do the job with ASF.

Businesses and individuals in every corner of the world that would be legal to operate anywhere can corporate with an apache software foundation.

The Apache software foundation is a collaborative project of the ASF, And its goal is to sustain and make the literal foundation upon which the open-source software is based.

Wrapping up

As we know, the Apache software foundation (ASF) is charity-based. Different businesses, organizations, and individuals sponsor much of the income of ASF.

This foundation (ASF) is a non-profit based software foundation that helps the different fields of internet users in different forms.

Where Apache invests the sponsorship funds

This sponsorship that collects ASF is used again and again in 200+ top-level projects, over 800 active users, 8200 committers, and numerous contributions.

Apache analyses hundreds of millions of line code, 75 million downloads/m, 3 million daily emails on 2000+ lists, and an expensive infrastructure comprising 200+ code analyzing machines.

Besides this, Apache software also has average business expenses supporting organizations. These includes:

  • Infrastructure costs
  • legal and accounting
  • driving highly functional software
  • marketing
  • administrative duties
  • another official expense

Apache software foundation makes money with the help of different social and organizational supports from the sponsorship program. It then invests it in the system again to provide good user service.

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