Does copyright strike affect views

In this write-up, we will discuss copyright strikes. What is a copyright strike, How it can affect your channel views, and affect the growth and videos of your views?

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What is a copyright strike?

Copyright is the valid takedown request from the copyright owner that is requested against your video content to the YouTube team. This request is the official legal action from the video owner against your copyrighted content on the YouTube channel.

YouTube removes your content from your channel completely and puts a strike on your YouTube. A copyright strike is content that you have uploaded on your channel without the permission of the copyright owner.

The copyright strike may be a video strike, background music, or pictures that you use to design your video. Real content owners take these takedown notices very seriously by receiving multiple copyrighted strikes. Copyright strike notification looks like the below picture.

Does a copyright strike affect views?

Yes, copyright strikes on video affect channel views, take down the copyrighted video, limited your viewers, and don’t share the video with new subscribers. Copyright strike disables your video streaming and video uploading for two weeks. By gaining 3 regular copyright strikes, YouTube can terminate your channel.

The copyright owner can completely remove your copyrighted content from YouTube. As a result of the copyright strike, your video monetization, music, and watch time of video can be affected.

By gaining the first copyright strike, YouTube limited your videos and prevent them from new viewers. And also stops recommending videos to your subscribers.

A single copyright strike is not dangerous for video but can target your channel to the YouTube team. Copyright strike expires in 3 months (90 days) and the copyright strike video can badly affect your channel.

YouTube prevents your new uploading for some time. And terminates your channel when it gains three strikes on copyrighted videos of your channel. Although YouTube gives you 7 additional days to take action (remove copyrighted videos) before your channel is crashed.

Deleting the copyrighted video can’t resolve your problem, but there are some ways that you can use to resolve the copyright strike issues. Let me show you the copyright strike basics from the YouTube Help page.

The first time when you get a copyright strike, it acts as a warning. You’ll need to go to copyright school that helps the creators understand copyright and how it can be enforced on YouTube.

There are also three ways to resolve the copyright strike from your video.

First Method: You need to wait for it to expire. Copyright strikes can be deleted after 3 months. Then you can create and share videos further on your channel.

Second Method: You can get in touch with the person who claimed your content and ask them to a claim retracting of copyright infringement.

Third Method: You can also submit a counter-notification in case of a copyright strike, or if you think your video is removed by mistake or qualifies as fair use with another creator.

Final Thoughts

So, Does copyright strike affect views?

copyright strike can badly affect your views and another video on the channel. The strike means you are not allowed to upload videos, start a live stream, and schedule videos to make it public for 1 week.

The first strike gets the channel frozen for One week, and prevents the creator to upload any new content.

The Second copyright strike results in a two-week copyright strike that can be expired after 90 days. And third copyright terminates your channel and crashes it.

copyright strikes and copyright claims are very harmful to your channel. You need to make yourself secure and take action to resolve copyright after the first strike.

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