Can you create a .com website for free

Creating the best website is crucial for search ranking and branding the website. Website making is the process of achieving a space on a server. You will have to buy hosting and a domain for your website.

There are many ways of creating a website. But two of them are the easiest and fastest ways. The first is through WordPress, and another is a website builder.

In this write-up, we will clear all your ambiguities and show you how to make a .com website for free. Let’s jump into the topic to know the stunning facts and steps of website creation.

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Let’s get proceed with the topic in more detail.

What is the .com website?

The .com is the top-level domain name added by Domain Name System (DNS). It is the shortest form of commercial, specifying the companies or other commercial-related websites. Nowadays, .com is one of the most popular suffixes on the internet server.

There are millions of domain names with .com used internationally for websites. The top popular websites on the internet all use .com websites.

There are also domain extensions like .in, .net, etc. But the .com domain extension is one of the most searched. However, if your business is in India, you can choose .in.

When you host a domain on the server and register it, your website is on the internet now. So, when a user writes your website on the browser. The browser requests the server, and the server access the website’s HTML code and translates it into a web page with which they can interact.

Can you make a .com website for free?

Yes, you can make a .com website for free, but some features cannot be launched on your site. If you want to make your site for free, it will have no registered SSL certificate, additional storage disk, and no data transfer on your site.

There are some services through which we can make a free website. There is a website named This website can make your website free of cost. is an Israeli website, and it is registered in the US.

There is a step-by-step process through which you can create a fully registered website for free.

Let’s take as an example website here.

1. Create your account on

You have to make your account on Then it will shift you to the next page. And you will see the option to create your account on that page.

2. Choose a design for the website

After creating an account, you will design your website page using free templates. In this process, you will choose the interior page design for your website.

3. Add your content to the design

After choosing the design, you will add your content to the plan. And you are making links and about page etc. In this portion, you will add the material related to your service. This is one of the essential parts of website creation.

4. Publish the site on the internet

Now your site is almost ready, and you can launch your website on the server. After publishing the site, your site will be visible on the server. And everyone can access your site.

Other features

There are also other features on Here you can perform different functions related to your website.

  1. You can change Logo.
  2. You can change the site’s appearance in a google search.
  3. You can create a new page on the site.
  4. Change the appearance of the elements.
  5. You can optimize your site for mobile view.

List of free website hosting services

Some websites provide free web hosting services. Some of them are discussed. These websites are the primary and famous free web hosting sites.


Free vs. paid website

The website can be made accessible as well as paid. But there is a considerable difference between paid and accessible websites. Some features did not apply to the free website but only to pay.

Usually, free web hosting and paid web hosting provide the same security features.

It shows the same bandwidth, port speed, and network Hosting is the only feature that tells us the difference between free and paid web s hosting.

There will be more scripting supportmore email accountsadditional storage diskdata transfer, etc., on the paid website.

The storage disk given by a free web hosting service would not be sufficient for a new website. Usually, it takes more time to make a website standard and stable by visiting more visitors and having extreme authority on the server.

And when the data transfer limits are exhausted for the website. Then you can upgrade your free web hosting service to a paid one.


Almost you have completed all the essential data related to making free website hosting. Creating a website is possible, either free or paid.

So, you are sure now that you can create a .com website for free to Go go to any free web hosting service (discussed above ), make an account, and build your website for free for your online services and business.

There is an easy and drag-and-drop way of creating awesome websites. Through free web hosting services, you can make every type of website.

Especially your question is almost covered ( can you create a .com website for free )? So there is no rocket science in building a .com website for free. But it will not be too standard as compared to a paid website.


The free web hosting services will be perfect for you if you are a newbie or beginner. Once you gain more traffic, become successful and make your service larger. Then you can upgrade your website from free to paid website hosting.

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