Can a Web Browser act as RDP (Beginner’s Guide)

Did you wonder – Can a Web Browser act as RDP?

You are most likely concerned if you need to check for security matters, or wanted to connect your Home PC with a remote Web Browser, such as one in the office.

In this case, you may need to learn, if you can connect a Computer with a Web Browser.

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You must understand the basic concept in the below-detailed lines.

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What is a Web Browser?

In simple words, a Web Browser is software That helps you access the Internet. In this case, a Web Browser is used to request web pages, edit, and view Internet resources.

In the Technical world, you can say – a Web Browser is a piece of software That communicates with a Web Server, a powerful computer That hosts Internet data, such as web pages, downloads, and documents.

When you request a web page, by entering a URL or link in the Browser, the Browser sends the request to view the requested page. This request is sent to the Server.

If the Server finds it legitimate, the Browser received data from the Server. If this process goes successful, users have displayed the requested materials on the Browser screen.

What is RDP

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol.

Remote Desktop Protocol helps users connect to Windows-based systems over a remote network. Here, you will need to understand several key factors.

By Windows-based systems, we mean the RDP can seamlessly work with systems having Microsoft Windows installed in. In this case, as Windows and RDP, both are developed by Microsoft, the combination seems promising for remote connection.

By remote connection, we mean The connection over the Internet or a Network refers to a remote connection. In simple words, both ends are not accessible (physically) at the same time, but accessible through RDP over a Network.

This is what an RDP is used for on the Networks.

Can a Web Browser act as RDP?

It depends.

Depending on scenarios, a Web Browser can act as RDP. For example, if you have set up your Browser with an extension for RDP, your Browser can act as RDP, or if someone has exploited a Browser’s security loopholes, a Browser can act as RDP.

But, in normal conditions, like while we are using Web Browsers, a Web Browser can’t act as RDP. Because there is no setup involved for the said purpose.

However, in simple words, you can make a Web Browser act as an RDP. In this case, you will need to take additional measures to make your Web Browser act as RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol.

For example, here is a Chrome Extension That helps you quickly set up a Remote Desktop Protocol environment. Read more Information

In this case, once you have installed the above Extension on Google Chrome Store, you will be able to proceed to connect to your Home computer, over the Internet.

In this case, your Web Browser will be acting as RDP.

As for as the security measures are concerned, your Web Browser can also act as RDP if a Hacker, for example, has exploited a Browser’s security loophole.

Let’s describe this in more detail.

For example, if the version of the Web Browser you are currently using has a security loophole, a skilled Hacker can make your Web Browser act as RDP by exploiting the Web Browser’s weakness.

In this case, the Hacker will be able to take advantage of the security weakness inside your Web Browser. After a Hacker exploits the vulnerability in your Browser, he will be using additional exploits and scripts or programs to access your system on the Network, such as over the Internet.

Having That clarified, by using security loopholes with exploits, anyone can make a Web Browser act as RDP if he or she knows how to find and exploit Web Browser vulnerabilities.

Final words

So, can a Web Browser act as RDP?

A Web Browser can act as a Remote Desktop Protocol in specific conditions.

There are several measures involved in the process, such as Hackers or additional software That help you set up Browser as RDP.

In this case, you will be able to make your Web Browser act as RDP by installing and setting up a script, say a Google Chrome Extension. On the other hand, someone skilled can also exploit a Web Browser’s security weakness to act as RDP.

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