Are Parked Domains bad for SEO (Beginner’s Guide)

Are you concerned about Parked Domains and SEO?

Probably, you are most likely have purchased or planning to purchase and park your favorite Domain Name. In this case, if you are trying to plan a Content Blog, you will need to know about the relationship between a Parked Domain and SEO.

Before you learn how Parked Domains work with SEO, you will need to know additional information. In this case, we are listing a brief Table of Content below. However, you can also jump to the specific sections for quick access.

Let’s dive right in.

Table of content

Let’s proceed to describe the above factors in more detail.

What are Parked Domains?

Parked Domains weigh equal importance when it comes to keeping a Domain name.

In this case, a Parked Domain is registered as normally we do. However, a Parked Domain is not used when it comes to creating and setting up a website or web application.

You can say – a Parked Domain doesn’t run a website. Parked Domains are registered to avoid registration from other people. Parked Domains are also used for business purposes, such as selling a Parked Domain at a higher rate, on demand, may earn you more money.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the knowledge required to prepare a resource for Search Engines. This is why SEO is called SEO.

In simple words, let’s have a different definition of SEO.

SEO refers to the process of improving an Internet resource for improved visibility on Search Engines. It is of course, a Technical, as well as structured process when it comes to doing SEO.

Internet companies often carry out SEO routines for a variety of Search Engines. However, among all, Google is the best Tool for Bloggers and Content creators. Because Google mostly used Search Engines widely.

Are Parked Domains bad for SEO?

There is no signal answer to whether or not a Parked Domain is bad for SEO. Because, it depends on several factors, such as Spam score, Google Index, or Content visibility of the parked domain name.

Here are more details.

For example, if you park a Domain and let it be there for a long time, it may hurt your SEO. In this case, if the parked domain is indexed by Google, it will surely hurt your SEO.

Because Domain History is a Google Ranking factor. It refers to how much a Domain name is active or disabled without any content. It happens if you have also installed a Content Management System on your Parked Domain.

A Parked Domain shouldn’t have a CMS installed on it. However, some people also do that unconsciously which may hurt their SEO if they think their domain name has been Parked.

Also, if you have bought multiple relevant domains for a single website, it may hurt your SEO. In this case, you will be redirecting several relevant domains to a single website. In this case, when it comes to Parked Domains, Search Engines may count such scenarios as Duplicate Content.

Also, when a Domain name is registered, there are public directories That note down the registration date and time. In this case, Spammers may also hit your new Domain with bad backlinks and spam. This is done for personal purposes and is used by Spammers. This happens even if you have parked a Domain name.

Ultimately, this scenario will hurt your site’s SEO and you may have a hard time recovering your Parked domain from a Search Engine’s penalty.

Above all, if you keep a Domain parked for a short period, and, if Google hasn’t indexed it before you install a CMS, you are good to go. In this case, your site’s SEO will not hurt.


Parked Domains don’t mean good SEO. It is used to keep a Domain name for a long time. For many purposes, Parked Domains are used by business owners, vendors, domain dealers, or even Bloggers.

As Parked Domains are kept for a long time, it may undoubtedly hurt your site’s SEO. Also, there is a high chance of Spam, which refers to unintentional, fake, and non-meaningful emails, backlinks, or messages.

If you have decided to buy multiple relevant domains for redirecting purposes, it will also hurt your site’s SEO. In this case, Google may count a bunch of redirects from multiple Domains as Spam. Hence, if you have installed CMS(s) on Parked Domain Names, it may hurt your SEO, while you are hoping to collect traffic to a single website.

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